Banlice Mousse 200g
Banlice Mousse 200g
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General Information
What do they look like?
Most pamphlets you pick up on headlice will have nice, friendly cartoon pictures of headlice, or no pictures at all. We've included some enlarged pictures of actual lice & nits, so you know what you're looking for:

HEADLICE are usually white to grey in colour, with a dark stripe down the centre of their body. They are about the size of a sesame seed (approx. 2mm), with six legs & two "spiracles", or antennae, on their head. As they can run away, they are usually harder to find than nits.

NITS are the eggs of headlice. They are usually oval-shaped, little bigger than a pinhead (approx. 1mm) & cream to coffee in colour. "Fresh" or newly laid nits are found next to the scalp at the base of the hair shaft.
Reproduced with permission of National Pediculosis Association

Now that we know what we're looking for, let's get rid of some common "myths & misconceptions" surrounding headlice:

MYTH - Having headlice is a sign of poor hygiene!
FACT - Headlice aren't that fussy. Clean, dirty, short, straight, curly - all they want is blood! In fact, if you think about it logically, it is probably easier for headlice to move around in clean hair - without bits of dirt/dandruff to climb over!

MYTH - You can catch headlice from birds & other animals!
FACT - Human headlice are "host specific" - they feed off the blood beneath the human scalp alone.

MYTH- Lice can jump & fly from head to head!
FACT- Lice have no wings (so they can't fly) & they can't jump, either. They spread by "scurrying" from head to head, or affected item to head (e.g. brushes, hair clips, hats etc).

MYTH - Lice can survive a long time off the head, waiting for the next hapless "victim!"
FACT - A well fed louse should only last up to 2 days off a human host, depending on when it last had a meal. During this time, it generally will not lay any eggs ("nits").

MYTH - Headlice live for months - that's why they're so hard to get rid of!
FACT - Headlice live for 4 - 5 weeks from nit (egg) to adult louse. Females lay 4 -5 nits per day in the last two weeks of their lives.
There are many headlice products on the market. So why should you choose Banlice? Banlice is Clinically Proven Banlice treats headlice & their nits (eggs) with one 10 minute application Banlice contains Natural Pyrethrins Pyrethrins come from chrysanthemum flowers & are widely recognised to be amongst the least toxic, yet effective, insecticides available for human use Banlice is Your No Mess / No Fuss Headlice Treatment Because you can control the mousse, Banlice reduces the risk of nasty drips & spills Banlice Does Not Have an Unpleasant Smell Banlice is Suitable For Use From 2 Years Of Age If a child under two has headlice, or if you are pregnant & wish to treat yourself, we recommend you first consult your local GP for advice

How to Use Banlice

Shake can thoroughly before use Apply Banlice Mousse to DRY hair Massage into the scalp & hair for 2 - 3 minutes, until thoroughly wet (Click here for tips on application) Leave in hair for 10 minutes, then wash thoroughly with your normal shampoo Remove dead lice & nits (eggs) (Click here for tips on nit removal) Inspect & re-treat in 8 - 10 days if necessary

Tips to Help Prevent Reinfestation:

Inspect ALL family members - including Mum & Dad - & treat if necessary Wash all brushes/combs/hairclips, linen & clothing worn in the last 48 hours, in hot water. Suspect items that cannot be washed (eg. hats, teddy bears, bike helmets) can be isolated in a sealed plastic bag for 8 - 10 days. If there are any lice on these items, they will complete their life cycle in the bag Keeping long hair securely tied back (plait/bun) will assist in minimising reinfestation whilst headlice are about Notify your friends & the school that you have found a case of headlice. This will help control the extent of the outbreak.
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