EPI-NO Delphine Plus Birth and Postnatal Trainer Device
EPI-NO Delphine Plus Birth and Postnatal Trainer Device
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The EPI-NO childbirth and pelvic floor trainer consists of (1) a narrow contoured silicone balloon, (2) a hand pump, (3) a pressure display, (4) an air release valve, (5) connected by a flexible plastic tube.
General Information
EPI-NO Birth Trainer was developed by a German obstetrician as a home training device used to help reduce the incidence of perineal injuries at childbirth and to condition the pelvic floor muscles in women of all ages.

EPI-NO gentle and naturally prepares the muscles and tissues of the birth canal for the physical strain of delivery, reducing the chance of a perineal tear, or the need for an episiotomy during birth.

The EPI-NO Trainer is also designed to speed recovery of the pelvic floor muscles following birth. With minimal inflation, and used in conjunction with pelvic floor (Kegel) excercises, EPI-NO helps you to identify the correct muscle group, and monitor your progress and recovery.

Training begins at home three weeks before the calculated birth. Each day, the balloon is inserted part way into the vagina and inflated to your level of personal comfort.

The balloon size is gradually increased, from one training session lasting about 15 minutes. Optimum training is achieved when the balloon size has reached a diameter of 10 cm and can be pushed out while inflated.
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