Moov Head Lice Solution 200Ml - Lice/Nits
Moov Head Lice Solution 200Ml - Lice/Nits
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General Information
Kills Head Lice & eggs.
Natural Essential oils
Fast & easy to use.
Reusable shower cap included.
Pleasant fragrance.
Innovative formula.
Specially formulated with a blend of natural essential oils.
Clinically proven.
If lice or more eggs appear after completing the third treatment, seek help from your health care professional.
To Help detect further infestations:  Use MOOV Head Lice combing Conditioner and MOOV Head Lice Removal Comb weekly to help detect the presence of head lice and eggs while an epidemic is present.  All family members should be inspected.  Use MOOV Head Lice Solution if lice or eggs are detected.
Do not share hats, towels, pillows or bushes.
For external use only.  Avoid eyes.  If contact does occur, flush immediately with clean water.   Keep our of reach of children.  Consult your health professional before use on infants under 6 months. 
Sometimes a tingling sensation develops
Common Uses
Kills Head Lice & eggs.
Actives: Eucalyptus oil 11.0% w/w, lemon tea tree oil 1.0% w/w
Preservatives:  benzyl alcohol 0.5% w/w
Contains Ethanol.
1. Cover eyes with a towel. Use on dry hair. Apply the product to the hair behind the ears and the back of the neck first. Then apply to rest of hair. Apply sufficient product to ensure hair is thoroughly wet. The amount used will depend on the length and thickness of the hair. 2. Massage into the scalp and hair. 3. Cover all hair, including ears, to the nape of the neck with the cap. Leave on hair for ten minutes. 4. Remove cap, shampoo and condition hair as normal. 5. Rinse cap well after use with soap and warm water. Dry thoroughly. The cap can be re-used. 6. Repeat steps 1 5 seven and fourteen days after initial treatment.
Product ID: 48658
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