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Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy Forte Skin Resurfacing Cream 50mL
Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy Forte Skin Resurfacing Cream 50mL
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General Information
Ultra concentrated skin resurfacing cream.
Common Uses
Gamma Hydroxy Forte is an ultra concentrated skin resurfacing cream. The continual skin sloughing action of powerful Hydroxy Acids and Retinol work throughout the day or night like a “time released” peel gradually resurfacing the skin, without soreness or down time. Gamma Hydroxy Forte can give visible results from the very first application and you may achieve similar results to a professional peel in around 8 to 12 weeks. Gamma Hydroxy Forte can be used to help achieve glowing skin, a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, freckles, refined pores and pigmentation-spots. It also helps to visibly improve the appearance of everything from skin tone, clarity, and even acne scarring…so you may wake up looking like you have a whole new complexion!

Glycolic acid Belongs to the class Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) commonly known as ‘fruit acids’ and occurs naturally in sugar cane juice. It is considered to be the most effective AHA because it has a small molecular structure allowing it to penetrate the surface of the skin more readily.

Lactic Acid Also a type of AHA and is derived from sour milk and grain. Its benefits to the skin have been well documented for centuries – even Cleopatra's beautiful skin is attributed to her bathing in milk.

Both Glycolic and Lactic acids work by loosening or breaking up the thick outer layer of skin. Through this microscopic exfoliation activity, these AHAs enhance epidermal shedding so the skin appears to be smoother and texture problems including acne, fine wrinkles, pigmentation, and skin expressions are improved. They also have the fantastic benefit of kick-starting your skin into its natural regeneration, stimulating collagen and skin growth cycle.

Salicylic Acid Classed as Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs), this type of acids can be a little milder than AHAs, but this doesn’t mean they are less potent. In fact, while BHAs essentially work the same as AHAs, they have certain talents that AHAs don’t have. Salicylic acid encourages the sloughing of dead skin cells as AHAs do, but it also has the ability to penetrate into the pore, while AHAs do not. This advantage makes it very effective for improving blemishes, by breaking down blackheads and whiteheads, and clearing clogged pores.

Vitamin A palmitate Vitamin A palmitate is a form of Vitamin A which acts as an antioxidant by inhibiting lipid peroxidation. It is known as a skin normaliser, acting as an anti-keratinising agent, helping skin stay soft, plump and retain is moisture.

Retinol is another form of Vitamin A and is the most effective form for treating ageing and UV damaged skin.
Regular application of retinol will ensure smooth, soft skin and less visible pores. It has also been shown to stimulate collagen production.

Thoroughly clean your face and pat dry. Smooth a thin, even layer of Gamma Hydroxy Forte over your face, neck and hands, or anywhere you wish to improve the appearance of your skin. Gamma Hydroxy Forte is stage 2 of your ultimate skin resurfacing program – be sure to start the process by using the original Gamma Hydroxy cream for a minimum of 3 months before progressing to Gamma Hydroxy Forte, as it is so powerful that your skin will need to gradually acclimatise to it.

How does Gamma Hydroxy Forte work?

Many skin problems are associated with ‘hyperkeratinisation’, or the accumulation of excess dead skin. This can contribute to the dull, course, rough, blotchy, and dry appearance of ageing skin. Gamma Hydroxy Forte is a unique blend of Glycolic, Lactic, and Salicylic Acids along with Retinol and Retinyl Palmitate. These function together for the ultimate in skin resurfacing. By applying this blend to the skin the forceful actions of AHAs, BHAs and Retinol go to work to help loosen the ‘cement’ that binds the dead skin (a keratolytic action), helping faster shedding of this layer. Through doing this the Gamma Hydroxy Forte moisturises, exfoliates, and supports the skin’s natural renewal process, helping to reduce the appearance of pore size (even on oily skin), visibly improve the appearance of skin texture and colour, and help to reveal the appearance of younger, healthier looking skin below.

Will skin resurfacing with Gamma Hydroxy Forte help reduce the appearance of deeper wrinkles?

Similar formulas to Gamma Hydroxy Forte have been used for years by professional dermatologists as a method of improving the appearance of deep, pitted acne-scarring. Just imagine! If Gamma Hydroxy Forte can help resurface the appearance of dents caused by acne scarring, wrinkles should be easy!

Will using Gamma Hydroxy Forte cause my skin to flake?

Some people with sensitive skin may experience slight flaking of the skin now and again. However this is a positive thing as it means that the dull skin is being exfoliated to reveal your new revitalised looking skin.

Should I use Gamma Hydroxy or Gamma Hydroxy Forte?

You should use both! Start your resurfacing with Gamma Hydroxy to exfoliate dull and dry skin revealing a fresh new complexion beneath. After the skin has been prepared for 3 months with Gamma Hydroxy you can progress to Gamma Hydroxy Forte as the final step in your skin resurfacing program. Gamma Hydroxy Forte is an ultra concentrated formula for maximum results.

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