Nurofen Back Pain Heat 2 Pack
Nurofen Back Pain Heat 2 Pack
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General Information

8 hrs soothing relief for back pain relaxing heat for muscles.

Nurofen Back Pain Heat Packs:

Use Nurofen Heat Packs for:

Effective 8-hour relief of muscular pain and the stiffness of the:

- Back.

- Neck or shoulder.

- Or other muscular areas.

How Nurofen Heat Packs Work:

Nurofen back pain heat packs do not contain ibuprofen. They contain natural minerals that heat up when exposed to the air to target pain by delivering soothing, muscle-relaxing heat.

Heat therapy helps alleviate back and other muscular pain by:

Increasing blood flow to the area.

Relaxing tight, sore muscles.

Heat Packs are odourless and can be worn under clothes without discomfort. They are held in place with a low irritancy adhesive.

Heat Packs are for external use only.


Each Nurofen Heat Pack contains: Iron powder, water, water-absorbing polymer, activated carbon, salt.
Carefully tear open the sachet to activate heat pack. Do not cut or tear the heat pack. You do not need to shake or rub the heat pack. Ensure your skin is clean, dry and non-greasy before applying the heat pack. Peel off the protective film. Apply adhesive side of the heat pack to skin at the site of pain. You will feel the heat pack warm up gradually.


Who can use heat packs? Nurofen Heat Packs are suitable for adults. Do not use for infants (2 years and under). For children under 12 and the elderly, use under supervision. Heat Packs can be used in conjunction with pain relieving medicines.
Product ID: 51509
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