FLO Baby Spray Saline + Nasal 15ml
FLO Baby Spray Saline + Nasal 15ml
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FLO Baby Saline
offers advanced technology to deliver a sterile, preservative-free, non-medicated, non-sting nasal saline for babies and toddlers. FLO Baby Saline helps to clear baby?s congested nose quickly and gently.
FLO Baby Saline is ideal for newborns and older babies because it can be used at any angle - this means you can clear baby?s nose quickly and easily in any position that is comfortable for baby.
FLO Baby Saline is gentle on baby?s nose because it?s free from preservatives, medication, alcohol, and buffering chemicals and is not habit forming.
FLO Baby Saline comes in either spray or drops so you can choose your preferred method of administration.
A baby's nasal passages are narrow and easily blocked when excess mucus is produced from colds, flu, allergies, or hay fever. The gentle mist spray or drops thins mucus to help clear baby's nose so breathing becomes easy again.
Babies always try to breathe through their nose - this is not easy when it is blocked with mucus. Snuffly babies have difficulty feeding and sleeping - which can also make parents tired. If this goes on for some time it may adversely affect breast feeding.


Always use as directed and see your healthcare professional if symptoms persist

FLO Baby Saline+ uses advanced technology which allows it to be sprayed at any angle, making it quick and easy to use:

Position baby comfortably and as upright as possible. Position FLO Baby Saline+ applicator tip just below baby?s nostril and spray the required dose into each nostril. Wipe baby?s nose with a soft clean tissue. This product is packaged with a Consumer Information Leaflet to provide more detailed instructions and information.

Always use as directed and see your healthcare professional if symptoms persist.

FLO Baby Saline+? is indicated for Babies and Toddlers to help clear nasal congestion.

Product ID: 55070
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24/01/2010 2:21:12 PM
I purchased this for my 6 month old son and found it so much easier to use than other baby nasal products as you just hold it outside his nose even if he is lying down and squirt it up his nose. It clears out his nose when he has a cold so that he can get a good sleep. My sister also used it on her newborn baby so that her nose was clear so she could breastfeed. Easy to use on a newborn baby as well.
5 out of 5 stars

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