Avent Electric Sterilizer 3 in 1
Avent Electric Sterilizer 3 in 1
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General Information
Electric steam steriliser with 3 different size modules to enable a small, medium or large load of up to 6 bottles. , Simply add water onto element, load pre washed items into steriliser and turn unit on and after the automatic 6 minute cycle the unit switches off
Leave the steriliser to cool down before removing the lid as steam could burn. Wipe the heating plate clear of any water after every use to avoid limesale buildup and descale weekly with white vinegar and water to remove any mineral deposits from the water (limescale)
Common Uses
Steam sterilising baby feeding equipment. Modular system enabling a small or large load of items
Pour 100ml water onto heating plate, load up items to be sterilised and turn unit on via reset button or main power. The unit will run an automatic 6 minute cycle and then switch off . Leave until to cool down before removing items as steam could burn 
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