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Nicorette Gum 4mg Icy Mint 210 Pieces
Nicorette Gum 4mg Icy Mint 210 Pieces
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General Information
Nicorette Gum is a quit smoking aid. Nicorette Gum works by relieving nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It may be used to: 1. Stop smoking abruptly, or, 2. Cut down smoking before stopping. Improves teeth whiteness.
Do not use if you are allergic to nicotine, under 12 years of age.
Do not use unless a doctor has told you to if you have had a stroke, or heart or circulation problems.


Keep out of reach of children. Foil sealed for your protection.
Nicotine 4mg


Contains Xylitol (0.58g per piece of gum)
Who can use:
Adults 18+ who smoke 20 cigarets per day.

How many pieces of gum do I use?
1. Stopping Immediately
During weeks 1-12 :
1 piece when you have an urge to smoke or every 1-2 hours. Do not use more than 10 pieces/day
After 12 weeks:
Gradually reduce to 1-2 pieces a day and then stop use.

2. Cutting down
Gradually increase gum use (maximum 10 pieces/day) and reduce smoking with the aim of stopping by 6 months. If you have not cut down at 6 weeks or stopped at 9 months, see your doctor/pharmacist.
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