Carusos Natural Health Veins Care Cream 75g
Carusos Natural Health Veins Care Cream 75g
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General Information

Why Use Veins Care Cream?
Veins Care Cream has been specifically formulated for men and women to help relieve the symptoms that are associated with Varicose veins such as painful, heavy legs, itching, muscular cramps and leg spasms. When applied to the skin it is absorbed deep to reduce the bruises of varicose veins by toning-up and strengthening the walls of the dilated vein and damaged capillaries such as spider veins which occur on the skins surface.

The Actions of the Ingredients:
Arteries deliver oxygenated blood from your heart to the rest of your body. When blood doesn't flow properly from your superficial veins to your deep veins, pressure can build up. This is often due to problems with the one way valves that stop blood leaking back into your superficial veins. This results in blood collecting or pooling in your superficial veins and these are called varicose veins.

French Marine Pine Bark:

  • Powerful Anti-oxidant helping to minimise free radical damage
  • May assist with haemorrhoids

Witch Hazel:

  • Traditionally used to assist with the symptoms of varicose veins such as heavy painful legs bruises and localized inflamed swelling
  • Witch Hazel has a long therapeutic tradition and is used primarily for its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties
  • May assist with minor skin injuries and local inflammation of skin

Horse Chestnut:

  • Traditionally used for Varicose veins heavy legs and bruises
  • May help with the symptoms of varicose veins and haemorrhoids

Magnesium Sulfate:

  • Magnesium is required for the regulation of vascular tone
  • May assist with leg cramps
  • Low levels of Magnesium may result in muscle cramps and spasms, muscle weakness
  • Horse chestnut and Witch Hazel can cause hypersensitivity reactions to individuals who are prone to have skin sensitivities and contact dermatitis
  • Contains Benzoates
  • External use only. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner
  • Not to be taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding
Each gram of cream contains herbal extracts equivalent to:
Pinus pinaster stem bark outer dry - OligoPin®
(French Marine Pine Bark) - 2.5g (2500mg)
Hamamelis virginia leaf dry (Witch hazel) - 100mg
Aesculus hippocastanum seed (Horse Chestnut) - 99.6mg
Equiv. to Escin 3.15mg
Simmondsia chinesis seed oil (Jojoba Oil) - 10mg
Magnesium Sulfate-dried - 80mg
Apply onto the affected areas and gently massage until all of the cream is absorbed. Repeat up to 3 times a day or as needed.
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