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Waxeeze Depilatory Wax 375g
Waxeeze Depilatory Wax 375g
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General Information

Waxeeze Depilatory Wax is organic, microwavable and washes off in water.

Waxeeze® Depilatory Wax

- Warm Waxeeze® spread easily and comfortably. Its does not pull and drag at skin and hair;
- Perfect for legs, arms, bikini line, underarms and upper line.
- Microwavable
- Washes off in water. No more messy pots, knives, floors and stoves
- Organic. Made from natural Australian sugar.™

Depilatory Wax

No more razor cuts, scars or chafing, Waxeeze removes hair by the roots and avoids the problems or coarse, stubbly growth.

Waxeeze gives professional, longer lasting results, allowing you to wax only every few weeks, and regrowth appears silkier and more sparse.

Suitable For: Legs, arms, bikini line, underarms and upper lip.

Boxed Contents: Depilatory Wax 375g, 10 Cotton Strips 270mm x 80mm

Size: 375g

Contents: Depilatory Wax 375g, 10 Cotton Strips 270mm x 80mm



The stated heating times should be reduced according to the proportion of the wax used (eg, if 50% of the jar has been used up, reduced the microwave by half). Always check the contents of the jar before use to ensure wax is not too hot to use. Microwave ovens vary in heating rate therefore care should be taken to establish the most appropriate time. Times given are an indication only.


READ 'PREPARATION' AND 'HANDY HINTS' OVERLEAF BEFORE COMMENCING. Important points to remember: 1. Keep area to be waxed oil free and dry. (Do not use creams or moisturisers for two days before waxing success. 2. Dust area to be waxed with talcum powder, especially in hot weather when there is a tendency to perspire. 3. For maximum comfort, always keep skin taut and always peel strips off in one quick movement, keeping close to the skin and against the direction of hair growth. 4. Always remember always to THINLY apply wax on skin in the direction of hair growth. 5. After using chemical depilatory creams or shaving, you need to allow the hair to grow for 14 days or to a length of half a centimetre so that wax can grip properly to the hair. After 2-3 waxes you will notice a marked improvement as your hair becomes softer and sparser. 6. Do not wax areas which are infected or on varicose veins. so not wax over moles or warts. Do not use on the breast, eyebrows, perianal or genital areas. Check with your physician before using if your are on medication which can affect skin or if you suffer from a skin related disorder. Waxing is not suitable for the elderly or diabetes.


For advice, contact a Poisons Information Centre (Phone Australia 131126; New Zealand 0800 764 766) or a doctor. If skin comes into contact with overheated wax, rinse with plenty of cold water for 10 minutes. To remove solidified wax, allow 10 dissolved under lukewarm water. If irritation persists, contact a doctor.

Contains: Glucose, Fructose, Maltose, Citric Acid, Potato Starch

1. Always test wax on wrist first to determine comfortable temperature (never hotter than bath water) and to ensure there is no skin irritation. 2. Determine the direction of the hair growth. 3. Dip blunt knife 3 cm into the jar of wax and apply a thin, transparent film of wax in the direction of the hair growth. The film Waxeeze™ should be thin enough to see hair and freckles through it. 4. Place the cotton strip immediately over waxed area and smooth down firmly. Hold the bottom corner of the cloth away from wax, ready to be pulled. 5. Holds skin taut with one hand and pull strip off with the other hand quickly, close to skin and against the direction of the hair growth. 6. You may re-use the same strip until the coating of wax on the cloth is quick thick, approximately four times if wax is applied thinly. 7. Waxeeze™ is designed especially for skin, so areas can be safely repeated if some hair remains after the first strip is removed. 8. Skin may be slightly pink after treatment but will return to its natural colour within 24 hours. If not, seek medical advice. 9. Wash the strips and knife in warm water and store the jar with the lid on firmly, ready for the next treatment. Legs: This is the correct sitting position of waxing legs. Apply Waxeeze™ thinly in the direction of hair growth. Apply firm pressure to be blunt knife to achieve a thin film of wax. The maximum area you can wax at any one times is the same as the strip. Adhere the strip and quickly and firmly pull back against the direction of hair growth. Bikini Line: When waxing the bikini line, hold taut, as shown, and apply Waxeeze™ thinly in the direction of hair growth (see arrow). Hold the skin taut, adhere strip and pull against hair growth in one quick, sure movement. Stomach: Hair in the stomach must be done in two stages, as its grows from right into the centre and left into the centre. Firstly, hold skin taut and apply Waxeeze™ thinly in the direction of hair growth. Holding skin taut, adhere strip and pull back from centre of stomach to left side in one firm, sure movement. Repeat for right side of stomach. Under Arms: this is the correct position for waxing the armpits. Pull skin on underarms very tightly so area is taut. Very tightly so areas is taut. Underarms hair tends to grow in to different directions. Apply Waxeeze™ upwards for the top area and downwards for the bottom area. Peel strips against the direction of hair growth very quickly and aggressively. Hold skin taut (as shown) elbow up and well back. Apply Waxeeze™ thinly in the direction of the arrow. Keeping the skin taut is critical. Hold skin taut, adhere strip then pull against the direction of the hair growth. The strip must be peeled not lifted. It is essential that the peeling back is very quick, firm and aggressive because hair density in the armpits is far heavier than in nay other area. Top Lip: Lips must be done into two separate stages, right side then left side. Hold skin taut (as shown) and use tip of blunt knife to apply Waxeeze™ thinly over right side, above lip, in the direction of hair growth (see arrow). Remember wax should be at body temperature. Place strip over area to be waxed, keep skin taut and pull firmly and quickly in one sure movement against direction of hair growth. repeat process for left side of lip and directly underneath nose if necessary. Chin: To remove hair from chin, tilt head right back, hold skin taut and apply Waxeeze™ thinly in the direction of hair growth. Apply firm pressure a thin film wax. Place strip over area to be waxed, keeping skin taut and pull back firmly and quickly in one sure movement against the direction of the hair growth. When Warming in Pot on Stove: Stand jar in pan of water level us half way up the sides of the jar. Bring water to the boil and simmer for: 3 minutes when waxing small areas such as lip line and bikini line. (Use the melted wax around the edge of the jar). Ideal temperature is 50°C. 16 minutes when waxing large areas such as the legs, arms and backs. (Melt the entire contents and the jar). Ideal temperature is 50°C.


Handy Hints: 1. Use the edge of a blunt knife with scraping motions to apply wax as a transparent film in the direction of the hair growth. Illustration A. Right - Note position of knife. Apply firm pressure to knife using edge to apply Waxeeze™ as a thin film of transparent wax. You should be able to see hair and freckles through the wax. Illustration B. Wrong - Using the flat side of the knife or to spread or butter on Waxeeze™ will apply a coating that is far too thick, ineffective and wasteful. 2. It is important to peel back cloth in one quick movement as gentle pulling will cause discomfort or even bruising. Illustration C. Right - Peel cloth back along itself in one quick, aggressive movement, as illustrated. Illustration D. Wrong - do not lift cloth up and away from the skin, as shown. This would be painful because it pinches the skin. Heat wax approximately 50C. 4. After spreading wax, apply cloth immediately and pull off. (Waxeeze™ does not set therefore there is no waiting time). 5. Bikini line and underarms are areas that tend to be sensitive and the hair is coarse. Its is essential that extra hair care is taken to keep skin well dusted with talcum powder and to keep skin taut before pulling the strip. 6. If you have sensitive skin and excessive redness result from using Waxeeze™ , this may be reduced by applying an ice pack to the treated area. 7. To be sure a constant supply of warm wax Waxeeze™ during leg waxing, you may utilise two containers. Work from one, keeping the other warm in simmering water ready to changeover, or reheat for a few seconds in a microwave. 8. When hands become sticky, wash immediately, then continue waxing in comfort. Residue wax left on the skin can be removed with warm water. 9. Do not allow any other water into wax. Water will spoil the wax making it unusable. 10. Do not boil Waxeeze™ . Boiling the wax will thicken it and make it ineffective.
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