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MyDNA Weight Management & Fitness DNA Test Kit
MyDNA Weight Management & Fitness DNA Test Kit
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Product Description.

General Information

Have you ever struggled with weight loss? Find out what part your genes may play.

The Weight Management Report will provide you with a diet recommendation suited to your body, based on your genetics - helping you make informed dieting decisions to achieve your weight loss goals.

What can your genes tell you about diet?

Genes can play a part in weight management. They may influence your appetite control, fat storage and fat breakdown.

Discover why you may not feel full after eating? How your body handles any excess calories consumed AND MORE.

What will the report tell me?

Each report includes:

  • Analysis of three genes associated with weight management
  • Recommendation into which type of diet is best suited to the your body
  • Indication of the amount of effort required lose weight

The kit contains everything you need to collect a cheek swab in the privacy of your own home. Register the sample online in a few easy steps. Then send it back to myDNA (in the reply paid envelope provided) and they’ll take care of the rest. It’s as easy as SWAB, REGISTER, SEND.

Common Uses

Start making informed dieting decisions to help influence lifelong good dietary habits. Fad diets come and go - your genes do not change. Make an investment with lifetime relevance.


To achieve a healthy weight it is important you live a healthy lifestyle. Whilst various products may be of assistance in achieving your weight loss aims, eating a healthy energy-controlled diet and ensuring you engage in sufficient and appropriate physical activity will help you on your journey to a healthier you.

Product ID: 84934
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