Lynx Deodorant Body Spray Xbox 155ml
Lynx Deodorant Body Spray Xbox 155ml
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General Information
You're minding your own business, when BAM! Your crush walks in. 'Stay cool', you tell yourself but, awwwww, snap! Stress sweat and rising body temperature have arrived, and they're ready to stomp on your day. You need to lift your game! If only there was a deodorant solution. Like a miraculous mens body spray that could make you feel cool and fresh. Now imagine the same scenario, but you've prepared for the moment with Lynx body spray. Not only do you smell of mother nature's joint favourite perfume, Mandarin and Juicy Pear, but, you've got fresh on your side and chill up your sleeves. If you're looking for a deodorant body spray for men that will keep you fresh all day, it's called Lynx Xbox. For when you need to lift your game and stay fresh all day long.
Common Uses
All day freshness
Twist cap. Shake can. Spray body
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